The First Direct Drop

You hear us talk about textile innovation a lot. Because that is what we do. We love to work with machines, push their limits and explore their boundaries. Over time Byborre played with a lot of different yarns and materials to create the best outcome to eventually improve human performance on a daily basis.

Direct Drops

With Direct Drops we create a place to bring you the latest developments of engineered craftsmanship directly from our LAB. These drops are about the process of the making and the dialogues we create between machines and crafters. 

Engineered to meet different weather conditions and various climates through the adaptive traits that we think about when we design the fabric. Think about adjusting thickness, water-repellency, heat absorption and other features that improve the properties of the end product. From needle to yarn, nothing is taken for granted, all is taken into account.

This first Direct Drop includes The Nordic Sweater, Short and Pants. They are designed to meet current weather conditions and are ideal for fall temperatures. You can have a closer look at them now, because they are exclusively available trough our online store



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