BETA Edition

After years of dedicated research into signature knits, the BETA Edition was the first full collection of the Byborre archetypes presented to the world. Introducing The First Generation.

Photo by Barrie Hulligie represented by HALAL Amsterdam

The idea for the BETA Collection was to lay a foundation of archetypical styles which best represent the Byborre label. A tight capsule consisting of a pair of pants, shorts, a sweatshirt, a Hoodie, t-shirts in different weights and several vests and jackets offered a refreshing take on these everyday essentials. These garments now form the base for further developments for the future of the Byborre label. To this day these archetypes are still the starting point for every new edition.

Photo by Darryl Richardson

Insights obtained from the Somersault project translated into innovative pattern cutting, with a focus on the way the body moves to ensure maximum comfort and freedom for the wearer without compensating aesthetics. A monochrome palette was chosen for this collection to draw attention to the silhouettes, pattern cutting and unique details, resulting in a minimalistic, almost architectural whole.

Photo by Barrie Hulligie represented by HALAL Amsterdam

Naturally, several different variations and weights of Byborre’s signature 3D fabric took center stage throughout the collection. These were complemented by an exclusively developed jersey, all done in a Mixed Black and a Powder White.

As a textile design studio working on the cutting edge of innovation it was only natural for the label to also challenge the seasonal constraints of the fashion system. Rather than abiding by the cyclical nature and a never ending need for new inherent to the fashion industry, Byborre decided to work in editions. Each new edition starts with the aforementioned archetypes and challenges both the aesthetic and functional nature of its forerunner. Focusing on the requirements of the user for a given season or climate.

Form follows function, always!