Edition7™ touches on workwear, combining the highest quality yarns with durable knit structures, which results in the introduction of knitted textiles in workwear pieces.

© Team Peter Stigter

Edition7™ showcasing innovations in an Edition that includes workwear inspired pieces and the latest textile developments. In this Edition™ a new knit type is introduced: the ‘WAFFLE™’ a single layer, honeycomb like structure that traps air to keep you warm. Using new blends of materials, BYBORRE has expanded the possibilities within their extensive yarn library, allowing for more freedom and functionality. These blends are used in garments that are a homage to the classic silhouettes found in workwear.

We have united with Dutch artist Jeroen Erosie to create an artwork that the BYBORRE team translated over all of the textiles used in this Edition. The lines and details of the artwork show up in different yarns and structures throughout all the pieces. Tones nod to Erosie’s artwork, combining an industrial feel with a rugged, rustic mood; Tar, Rust, Iron Ore, Copper, Lead, Oily Blue. This collaboration acts as a case study to showcase the potential for artists to make dynamic work using BYBORRE’s open-source Create™ tool, available to any brand or creative keen to make textile development a fundamental step in their creativity.

© Team Peter Stigter

Collaboration is central to the BYBORRE process, and can be seen in this Edition through the range of merino wool pieces made in partnership with The Woolmark Company, a range of eco nylon textiles made in partnership with Meryl®, and a function-focused partnership with the GORE-TEX brand, whose technology can be found on transformable parkas, trousers and gloves, which can be adapted at a moment’s notice.

Notable in this Edition are new silhouettes such as a bomber, work shirt, and a button-through inspired jacket. These pieces are a nod to classic menswear staples and the clean, quiet formality of workwear. The new styles, and the Edition as a whole, showcase the numerous aesthetics and silhouettes for which BYBORRE’s textiles are suitable, highlighting the variety of options available when using our forward-thinking knits.

© Team Peter Stigter

Edition7™ is available right now at select retailers worldwide or on our webshop.