Byborre was responsible for the costume design for this short film by Daniel Arsham, worn on screen by Juliette Lewis and Aimee Laurence.

Daniel Arsham, an artist known for visual art, film, painting, and sculpture, approached Byborre to make garments for the two lead characters in the short film Future Relic 03; the third film in his series of nine short films.

When looking at Byborre’s fabrics and designs, Arsham explained that the fabrics are so unique and unrecognizable that you can’t place them in time. Perfect for this futuristic film series.

fabrics for the future...

“The series depicts a future civilisation at various points before and after a major ecological change on Earth. In the world of Future Relic, nature as we know it today does not exist,” said Arsham.

The two characters, played by Juliette Lewis and Aimee Laurence, wore outfits made from Byborre fabrics. Signature 3D knits made with merino and a sport’s wool along with a tight wool woven made up the two garments.