The Dark Ice Project

The Dark Ice Project is an expedition of unprecedented feats, pushing the limits of human determination, athleticism, and innovation. In the fall of 2020, three British explorers will launch a re-fitted inclosed liferaft, their new home away from home, off the shores of Northern Canada en-route to the icy terrain of The North Pole.

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Photo shared by The Dark Ice LLP

At the heart of this expedition is a dedication to gathering crucial environmental scientific data at The North Pole during the winter. The tests include recording micro-plastics in the ocean water, and ice density, which will contribute to reversing the imbalance in data in the research of climate change. Due to the extreme temperatures and environment this data has only ever been collected by satellites and estimations. Until now.

Photo shared by The Dark Ice LLP

As the explorers gather crucial scientific data on and off the ice and finishing with a trek across the entirety of the North Pole, their clothing kit is their main protector and insulator for which they depend their lives on throughout the expedition. BYBORRE was brought on board to develop and push the limits of the Merino wool knits used for the base and mid layers, along with consulting on the design and integration of each of the kit’s layers from base to outer layers.

Considering that the explorers needed exceptional moisture management, durability and heat retention from their next-to-skin base layers and warming mid layer, BYBORRE developed a soft, high performing Merino wool jersey, terry and wool-filled 3D™ fabric. Working closely with The Woolmark Company, the fabrics developed were heavily lab tested throughout the process and the final fabrics far surpass base layers on the market today.

With the first test trip in Canada and extensive testing in a GORE-TEX certified climate chamber complete, the countdown begins to the September 2020 launch date of The Dark Ice Project.

Photo shared by The Dark Ice LLP