The First Cycle

The First Cycle was not only Borre Akkerdijk’s first Paris Fashion Week show but it was also the first collection to publicaly start telling the story of Byborre from the yarn to final garment.

Developed at the Textile Museum in Tilburg, The Netherlands, this collection exemplified what was possible through working with a circular knitting machine. The elements that made up the fabrics for this range were results of the first tests done at the studio. Filled fabrics, integrated pixel-to-knit designs, hand-rendered gradients giving the fabrics texture, and knitting On-Pattern are some of the techniques showcased throughout this collection.

Through miniaturised mechanics, the world and process of Byborre comes alive in the stop-motion video made with Niels Hoebers. The First Cycle video accompanied the launch of the collection giving the process and execution of this fabrics as much weight as the finished product.

Now, the dialogue that Byborre has between design, machine, material, and the end user plays an integral part to the studio’s ever evolving story. A love story between machine and those who innovate with it.

Dear Circular Knitting Machine,  I’m Grateful that I had the opportunity to work with you, to play with you, to learn from you and create with you.  I hope that if you could talk you would tell me you enjoyed it to.