This BYBORRE project focused on using technology as a means of changing behaviour and incentivising consumers to interact with the concept of sustainability in a playful manner.

The decision was made to make the scarf into the subject - instead of the consumer. This idea developed into an interactive garment with inter-knitted QR-code. Scanning the scarf with your camera will download the application which enables you to interact with the scarf.

Interaction is rewarded with ownership, because you never really own the scarf. You are just taking care of the garment for the next user - someone you’ve identified before being able to use the app. The application consists of two parts.

The Garment Passport containing pre-purchase information and is the more static and less exciting part of sustainability. It includes the full history of your garment down to the cotton fibers and the people involved.

In the future BYBORRE has envisioned to distribute 5 prototype scarfs on 5 different contintents to track this experiment with gamifying sustainability.