This is the future

Embark on an odyssey into a futuristic experiment of sensory stimulation in club culture. How can the evolution of technology unlock the sixth sense and provide the ultimate club experience? 
When Red Bull asked us to explore the future of club culture with them we put together a team of researchers and scientists as well as specialists on all aspects of club culture. Friends from all over the world came in for two nights of epic partying during Amsterdam Dance Event, exploring the club as a multi sensory experience. To bring everything together with technology as a sixths sense we developed bracelets for the partygoers to wear, which tracked their ‘flight of the night’. 

Our friends at Clever Franke worked on creating a wonderful visualisation of the data generated. Make sure to head over to their site to check out the results, we’re super proud of this one.

Filmmaker Lisa Smidt made a short documentary, produced by Halal.

Red Bull Playrooms x BYBORRE - A Future with a sixth sense (directors cut) from BYBORRE Label on Vimeo.

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