The First Direct Drop

by Borre Akkersdijk on

You hear us talk about textile innovation a lot. Because that is what we do. We love to work with machines, push their limits and explore their boundaries....

Paris Fashion Week

by Borre Akkersdijk on

Of course we're coming to Paris! And we will bring our mobile showroom to show our collection, limited showpieces and bring the party right at your door. Find our...

Berlin Pop-Up shop

by Daan Spangenberg on

18 - 21 May, We will work, connect, show our signature knits and sell what is current from our open atelier in Berlin Mitte. We would like to invite...

This is the future

by Sjoerd Ebberink on

Embark on an odyssey into a futuristic experiment of sensory stimulation in club culture. How can the evolution of technology unlock the sixth sense and provide the ultimate...

by Borre Akkersdijk on

Try standing out during Paris Fashion Week being the new kid on the block. Given that fashion week is one of the busiest periods for them we knew...

A 'New Habit' for the Dominicans

by Sjoerd Ebberink on

Initially we weren’t sure when the Dominican Order of Preachers reached out to us to create a proposal for an updated unisex version of the friar’s habit. However, we quickly...

The start of something new

by Sjoerd Ebberink on

From the 20th till the 24th of January we’ll show our first Core collection during Paris Fashion Week in an unconventional manner.

Studio support

by Sjoerd Ebberink on

We’ve got some fantastic vacancies to fill in our studio. Take a look at the links below to see if you’ve got what it takes. Having the will...

Bringing it all together

by Borre Akkersdijk on


FUTURE RELIC 03 / Daniel Arsham

by Borre Akkersdijk on

Daniel Arsham has been teasing the latest instalment of his multi part film project Future Relic. We figured this was a nice moment to take a look back...